Belly List

Sucking on garlic buttery snails, after shooting a Bandersnatch on Crete, drinking a cup of French Alps chestnut-colored wine. We had just jumped from a small airplane, freefalling in a creeping phlox sky losing petals over the hot green valley evening, landing somewhere in France or Italy – we weren’t sure our exact location. We…

Lust for Like

Just as we might ask a critic not to call not good a work for not being what it is not intended to be, we might remember expecting a like from any particular audience predisposed to dislike the chosen form doomed to deletion. We often think others think like we do, but they probably don’t….

How to Relax

no point in pointing to the past each momentum passes upon coming in the space between arriving & leaving you learn to breathe to breathe is to fall loose into mattresses of surf full of air bubbles drift to shore with the slow tide as light as moon go in the sky and on the…

Two Open Places

I will write you a flower every morning to read with your coffee a bright yellow squirt the coffee oily blue green bubbles on top You sleep with a cat whose soft purr gives you pleasure all the joy of color impressions for the day You are soft like warm butter barely melting down a…

Love is an Idiocy

I talk about Elif Batuman’s novel “The Idiot” at Berfrois. Seesaw on over and see Selin fall from the top of the seesaw?


Comics page update. Still having fun with a perfect mobile device art form. The drawings are made using fingers and thumbs on Memo Draw on the cell phone. I’ve added to the Comics page of The Coming of the Toads a few of the more popular recent drawings.